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NOAA CoastWatch products are produced and distributed either by Central Operations or Regional Nodes. Products produced centrally are categorized as experimental or operational. These are produced routinely and available in near real-time. Regional products available through regional nodes are tailored for specific applications or regional interpretation.

Product is not routinely processed and may frequently change during its development.
Routine product processing begins for the purpose of end-to-end testing and validation.
Product is trasistioned to operations and is monitored 24/7 or workdays 8-5pm. The documentation, management procedures and tracking requirements are in place.

One goal of the CoastWatch Program is to make access and use of satellite oceanographic data products easy. Products from various spacecraft are processed and distributed in a common formats through multiple distribution protocols (HTTP, FTP, THREDDS). The CoastWatch Hierarchical Data Format (CW HDF), NetCDF, Geo-Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF), Portable Network Graphics (PNG), and ShapeFiles (where appropriate) are used to meet most users' needs. Software provided by NOAA CoastWatch assists in rendering these formats and more as well as visualization and analysis with the CoastWatch Data Analysis Tool (CDAT).

Additional information about CoastWatch products are provided in the links below:

Most of the CoastWatch products are Level-3 or mapped products. Regions are predefined and satellite data that covers a selected region are processed and mapped to the region's coverage. All CoastWatch searches are in terms of a given region. Once a region is selected, multiple criteria can then be selected to refine the search.