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Product calibration and validation are essential for creating and maintaining quality products. Programs such as the Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY), Chesapeake Bay Observing System (CBOS), West Coast, and Field Campaigns contibute to gathering in situ data.

QA/QC, Reprocessing, and Climate Quality Data

Documentation of the product development process is a critical component for developing operational products. Peer-reviewed papers, Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD), Technical Memoranda, as well as system processing documents are required at each step of the product development process.

Satellite Products & Services Review Board (SPSRB)

The NOAA NESDIS SPSRB provides oversight management for acquiring oceanographic, meteorological, climatic, etc., satellite products and services required to support national missions. If desired products and services are unavailable, a user request form must be submitted to the SPSRB and procedures followed in order to post products to the CoastWatch website.