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Central Operations & Regional Nodes VIIRS ocean color data products are being processed by NOAA CoastWatch on an experimental basis.

Global 4km chlorophyll-a (single file) and 750m (24 sector tiles) and CONUS (CoastWatch regions) are produced daily. Both CONUS and GLOBAL 750m (L2,L3) products are available through the CoastWatch THREDDS Server.

Level-2 granules can be browsed by using the CoastWatch Granule Selector. The selector allows visualization of a granule's geographic coverage with quick access to the Level-2 dataset.

NOAA OceanWatch and other US partners are in discussions with EUMETSAT to develop pre-operational support for Sentinel-3 data and products. [more]
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Global daily 5km SST product is now available.
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GOES SST filenames have changed to be consistent with other geostationary products. Files now include the satellite in the filename: sst3b_[goes,mtsat,msg]_YYYY_DDD_[] [DEC 2014]

MODIS ~250m True Color and GOES SST products are now available on [FEB 2014]