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Recent CoastWatch data/products can be obtained either by image preview of direct access. Using the product links below, recent data products can be browsed and downloaded in various formats. Direct access to the data holdings is found at

Recent products (preview) from CoastWatch processing systems:

Direct HTTP Access

Near Real-time Search


Days back:

True Color (RGB)

Ocean Color


Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Winds

Alternatively, products/data can be accessed through a variety of protocols:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)Ocean Color from
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)Sea Surface Temperature, winds, 250m True
HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)All; through directory
THREDDS/OPeNDAPOcean Color from VIIRS (Chlor-a from Global & CONUS)

If you have a suggestion or comment about the CoastWatch product suite, please let us know by submitting an email to our Help Desk.