in situ SST Quality Monitor (iQuam)

iQuam is a system developed in NESDIS/STAR to perform near real time QC of in situ measurements and monitor the statistics. Ships and buoys (drifters and moorings) are included.

SST Quality Monitor (SQUAM)

SQUAM monitors global L2 & L3 SSTs with respect to L4 fields & in situ data. It also intercompares and validates various global L4 SST products.

Monitoring of IR Clear-sky Radiances over Oceans for SST (MICROS)

MICROS s a near real time system to monitor and analyze the "Model minus Observation" (M-O) biases in top-of-atmosphere (TOA) brightness temperatures (BT). "Retrieval minus Reynolds" SST biases are also monitored.

ACSPO Regional Monitor for SST (ARMS)

ARMS is a regional monitor with pre-defined regions for multiple satellite platforms and SST product levels.