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Satellite Data Products

Descriptions of and access to our data products.


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Satellite Data Training Courses

The NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch/PolarWatch Satellite Data Training Courses are being taught across the US and across NOAA Line Offices.   More on upcoming and past courses...

Upcoming and Past Courses

OceanWatch Monitor

NEW:  Open access to the enterprise OceanWatch Monitor (OM) online tool

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CoastWatch Utilities

Version 3.6.1 b283 available

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Regional Nodes

Nodes are operated out of other NOAA line offices for different geographical regions. 

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Emily's Post

Informational posts about satellite oceanography, recent events and CoastWatch/OceanWatch products.

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How our data are used

Featured projects and studies that utilize CoastWatch/OceanWatch data and products.

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Field Observations

MOBY (Marine Optical BuoY) in situ Sea Surface Temperature Quality Monitor

Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Quality Monitor

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