As of 13MAR2019,  CoastWatch distribution of data and products has been sporadic due to numerous issues. The following products are currently unavailable:

  • S-NPP VIIRS Ocean Color Level-2 and Level-3 Regional/Sector/Global  products 
  • Sentinel-3A OLCI Ocean Color Level-3 Regional and Global products
  • SAR Wind products.
  • S-NPP VIIRS and Aqua MODIS True Color products

The following products were delayed:

  • Copernicus mission data distribution was delayed Mar 09 to March 11 2019. 
  • Level-3 SST (legacy HDF regional products) were delayed and being backfilled  (Note: hold legacy SST and wind products and may be used to temporarily obtain these Level-3 products). 

Additional notes:

  • NOAA-20 VIIRS Ocean Color release has been postponed. 
  • Salinity, Wind, Sea Surface Temperature, and Altimetry products are unaffected during this event.

Hardware and upstream issues have affected the near real-time CoastWatch processing.  Mitigations are being worked and we will make data available when issues have been resolved.  As these are NRT, we don't necessarily expect files to be backfilled.  As always, CoastWatch appreciates your interest in our data which we provide as "best effort".

Prior notice regarding ocean color availability (22FEB2019):

  • VIIRS Ocean Color
    • The Level 2 NRT NPP VIIRS are available.  You can acquire and map the data to your specifications.  
  • MODIS Ocean Color
  • OLCI Ocean Color
    • The Level 2 OLCI are available.  You can acquire and map the data to your specifications.  

Swath Level-2 Products can be accessed through: