Ocean Color Product and Processing Update:

  • NOAA CoastWatch has mostly recovered ocean color processing.  Both S-NPP VIIRS and S-3A OLCI regional products are flowing again.  Global VIIRS full resolution (750m) processing is still being reconfigured but 4km global science quality products are available.  Level-2 Science Quality data will be backfilled.  The merged NOAA-20/S-NPP daily chlorophyll-a product is still being worked for release this month [April 2019].
  • The near real-time regional products can be found in the 'Data Access' tab on their respective product page. In addition to S-NPP and S-3A ocean color products,  NOAA-20 VIIRS (L2, L3 regional) and S-3B OLCI (L2, L3 regional) products have been added. The web pages are being updated to reflect the additional coverage. They are also available in the near real-time search page:  

New products:

  • Ocean Color (discussed above):  

    NOAA-20 and S-3B regional products are now available.   Merged NOAA-20/S-NPP VIIRS are coming soon (April 2019).

  • Ice Products:  Ice concentration, thickness, and temperature are available from S-NPP VIIRS.   Ice Concentration is available from GCOM-W1 AMSR2. These products are mapped to twelve full resolution geographic sectors (750m) and polar stereographic for the north and south hemispheres.  The web pages are being updated to reflect the new products.  Preview the products here:  https://coastwatch.noaa.gov/cw_html/NearRealTimeSearch.html

New Services:

  • Coming in April 2019,  the NOAA CoastWatch ERDDAP service.  This new service will round out CoastWatch data distribution capabilities by allowing enhanced RESTful requests to our data.  ERDDAP is a data server that gives you a simple, consistent way to download subsets of scientific datasets in common file formats and make graphs and maps.