The operational production of the Global Area Coverage (GAC; 4km/nadir) ACSPO SST data from AVHRR instruments aboard NOAA-18/19, and Metop-A/B will be discontinued on or after June 2, 2019. From that point on, ACSPO SSTs will continue to be available from three Full Resolution Area Coverage (FRAC; ~1km/nadir) mid-morning ("AM") Metop-A, -B and -C, and from two VIIRSs (~750m/nadir) onboard afternoon ("PM") NPP and NOAA-20. ACSPO SST from all historical AVHRR/2 and /3 GAC records will only be available in a reprocessing mode, as a part of ACSPO AVHRR GAC Reanalysis ("RAN") project.