This CoastWatch Seascape Pelagic Habitat Classification (CW Seascapes) product identifies spatially explicit water masses with particular biogeochemical features using a model and satellite-derived measurements.  The seascape product is generated as monthly and 8-day composites at 5 km spatial resolution.

US and global MBON partnered with US IOOS, OAR/AOML and NESDIS to develop and routinely generate “seascapes” products and to make them available on CoastWatch.  Derived from dynamic fields of satellite and modelled data, seascapes are classified and used as a biogeographical framework to describe dynamic, changing ocean habitats for MBON and other applicaitons. CW Seascapes provide information about the quality and extent of different oceanographic habitats or features and can be used to assess and predict the different planktonic and fisheries communities that reside within seascapes. Current CW Seascapes products include monthly and 8-day time steps at 5 km resolution.  High resolution (1 km) case studies are planned on a case by case basis as through cooperation with US and global MBON partners.