A new release of the CW Utilities is available.  Version 3.5.1 (build 762) includes:


  • The Mac and Linux installation sections in the user¢s guide have new notes on using the command line program man pages.
  • The cwdownload tool has a new fallback behaviour to ignore an invalid SSL certificate when downloading over an SSL connection.
  • The command line tools have a new warning message when an out of memory error occurs with advice on how to re-run the command with a higher memory setting.
  • The cwexport tool now exports data to 32-bit floating point GeoTIFF images to help with importing scientific data into GIS systems.
  • The cwcomposite tool has a new --collapsetime option that helps preserve time metadata when creating long time series composites.
  • The cwrender tool has a new --paletteimage option that creates an image of all available color palettes and their names to help users choose a palette.
  • The cwsample tool now produces an error when the file being processed does not have a compatible data projection for sampling. Previously versions ran but produced incorrect results for some swath projection files.
  • The NetCDF 3 and 4 output from CDAT and cwexport has some changes in how the coordinate metadata is written to help CF-compliant readers recognize the projection.
  • The cwmath tool has been updated to use the Java expression parser syntax by default rather than the legacy syntax.
  • The cwrender tool has a new --varname option that overrides the variable name in the color bar legend with a custom label.

Bug fixes

  • CDAT and cwrender had an issue when overwriting existing output images with a smaller size image -- garbage data was being left at the end of the file.
  • GeoTIFF writing from cwrender or CDAT was broken under the previous release since migrating to OpenJDK 11. This has been fixed.
  • The HDF 4 library has a write limitation of 65535 bytes for attributes. This was causing an error when compositing long time series. The error has been fixed by truncating any attribute that exceeds this length with a warning, and also an option added to cwcomposite (see above).
  • Some Sentinal-1A data was being rendered in a mirrored orientation. This has been fixed.
  • CDAT and cwrender had issues when rendering land polygons near the edges of some projections. This has been corrected for geographic, swath, orthographic, and GVNSP projections.
  • The cwgraphics tool had an issue with rendering graphics correctly for projections requiring an orientation flip for display.
  • CDAT and cwexport were writing incorrect missing value metadata to NetCDF 3 variables. This has been corrected and now matches the NetCDF 4 output. The issue affected statistics and display of data from the exported NetCDF 3 files.