ACSPO Global 0.02º Gridded Super-collated SST from Low-Earth-Orbiting Platforms (L3S-LEO) is a multi-sensor super-collated gridded 0.02º spatial resolution sea surface temperature product, available from two low earth orbit (LEO) lines - AM and PM, with 9:30 AM/PM and 1:30 AM/PM local equator crossing times, respectively. Both AM and PM lines are split into day-time (solar zenith angle < 90º) and night-time (solar zenith angle >= 90º) files, resulting in 4 files per day in total, which approximately cover the 24-hour diurnal cycle in 4 points. In addition to SST [kelvin], the product netCDF files include SST gradient magnitude [kelvin km^-1] and front position along with other quality and ancillary parameters..  Go to L3S-LEO data product pages for more information.