Update (19AUG2020):  Science quality data continues to be unavailable.  Work continues on restoring these data.


Due to processing system issues,  there may be increased latency on the availability of S-NPP and NOAA-20 Level-2 and Level-3 products.  At present,  both NRT and Science Quality data are affected,  but NRT will be restored as soon as possible.  Data in the distribution areas (FTP, WWW) may be intermittent until issues reach full resolution which is anticipated over the next week.  Products affected are sourced from NOAA NESDIS STAR for S-NPP and NOAA-20 products:  Level-2,  Chlorophyll-a,  Kd490, KdPAR, and nLw. The DINEOF Chlorophyll (9km)  NRT may be restored first.  

Products generated by NESDIS OSPO are unaffected.