A new release of the CoastWatch Utilities is available.


  • CDAT now remembers the last directory that it was in when a file was opened.
  • CDAT now has increased memory defaults to help with reading certain NetCDF datasets.
  • The cwregister2 tool now has a --sensorhint option to help with processing data from sensors that cannot be detected automatically.
  • The cwrender tool now has added documentation on how wind barbs are rendered depending on the wind speed units.
  • The cwmath documentation now shows examples of how to use the new Java expression parsing syntax.
  • The cwregister2 tool now accounts for the full pixel size at the edges of source datasets. Previously there were small gaps when assembling multiple successive granules from some sensors.
  • The cwregister2 tool now has a --nogroup option to remove the leading group path name when source variables are contained in a group.

Bug fixes:

  • There was an issue reading NetCDF files with scaled variables that are missing the add offset attribute value.
  • The cwregister2 tool had issues with automatically determining the resolution of some sensor data with repeated locations such as OLCI.
  • The export of NetCDF-3 files from cwexport and CDAT wrote incorrect lat/lon data for some cylindrical projections.

Note that the Java VM has been updated to OpenJDK 14.  If you're using the Linux "no-VM" package, you'll need a VM from https://jdk.java.net/14/.