New in Version 3.6.1 b283  ==> Get it here

(Replaces version 3.6.0 (b160))


  • GeoTIFFs written by CDAT, cwrender, and cwexport now conform to the cloud-optimized GeoTIFF recommendations.
  • GeoTIFFs created by cwrender and cwxeport now have extra compression options available: LZW and JPEG.
  • The cwmath, cwcomposite, and cweregister2 tools have been updated to handle floating-point data variables with scaling factors.
  • NetCDF NcML datasets are now supported to help with data file aggregation and metadata modification.
  • The cwrender tool now has a --compositehint option to help with automatically setting function types and ranges for rendering color composites.
  • Plot legends from cwrender and CDAT now contain more information about grid mapped projections from NetCDF files.

Bug fixes:

  • There was an error produced in cwrender when rendering files that had already been closed by the Java garbage collector. This has been corrected and the error no longer occurs.
  • HDF 4 files were being written with signed missing_value attributes even when the variable data was unsigned. This has been corrected so that the missing_value and variable types match.
  • Some data files containing geographic projections that span both the prime meridian and anti-meridian were not being recognized — this is now fixed.

Note that the Java VM has been updated to OpenJDK 14.  If you're using the Linux "no-VM" package, you'll need a VM from is external)♦.