CoastWatch Data Portal

The "all-in-one" NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch Data Portal has been updated with new features and more data:  Visualize, layer, geographically and temporally subset data products.  Download files option will be incorporated soon.

Near Real Time Search

The Near Real Time Search tool gives the user the ability of selecting OceanWatch data products based on their region of interest, the products associated with that region, the individual sensor used to obtain this data, and a time period of interest.

Level-1/Level-2 Granule Selector

The NOAA CoastWatch Level-1/Level-2 Granule Selector enables a user to select a Level-1 or Level-2 dataset by selecting a date and clicking on the granule that covers the user's area of interest.

L1/L2 Space and Time Search

The NOAA CoastWatch Level-/Level-2 Space and Time Search enables a user to define a point/polygon and date/range to find matching L1/L2 data that covers the user's area of interest.