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MSI Sentinel-2 high spatial resolution imagery and data from Copernicus are served from CoastWatch for coastal US regions in near real time as the data become available.  JPEG and TIF images as well as zipped Level 1C data are available.


Sentinel-2, high resolution Multi-Spectral Imager (MSI)


Imagery, true color

Sample Filename



Processing Level

Level 1C

Spatial Coverage

Access through CoastWatch:  US coastal regions where and when swaths are available


290 km swath with 13 spectral channels incorporating four visible and near-infrared bands at 10 m resolution, six red-edge/shortwave-infrared bands at 20 m and three atmospheric correction bands at 60 m

Swath Width

290 km swath

Data Provider

Copernicus, ESA


JPEG, TIFF, zipped data tiles (~100 km2, ~500MB)


Sentinel-2, MSI, true color, imagery, Copernicus, ESA

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