NOAA MSL12 Ocean Color, near real-time, VIIRS multi-sensor (SNPP + NOAA-20), chlorophyll DINEOF gap-filled analysis

V2020006_A1_WW00_chlora_120.png VIIRS Ocean Color multi-sensor gap-filled analysis (Level 4) is produced with input from the VIIRS multi-sensor (SNPP + NOAA-20) daily merged chlorophyll and monthly climatology using the DINEOF method of interpolation for gap-filling.  The chlorophyll algoritm used is OCI.  The NOAA ocean color science team provides the gap-filled data file to NOAA CoastWatch.  CoastWatch converts these to the NetCDF product and serves them.

NOAA MSL12 Ocean Color, near real time, VIIRS multi-sensor SNPP + NOAA-20 daily merge

V2020015_D1_NPP-N20_WW00_chloci_800_0.png VIIRS Ocean Color multi-sensor (SNPP + NOAA-20) daily merge (Level 3 composite) is produced from the NOAA Multi-Sensor Level 1 to Level 2 processing system (MSL12) near real time processing stream by the NOAA ocean color science team.  NOAA CoastWatch converts files to NetCDF and serves them here.

NOAA MSL12 Ocean Color - Near Real Time - VIIRS single-sensor SNPP and NOAA-20

VRSUCW_B2018284_C9_182613-183154_200713-201129_GM05_edgemask_kd490_120.png VIIRS Ocean Color Level 2 (EDR) is produced through NOAA Multi-Sensor Level 1 to Level 2 processing system (MSL12) from IDPS satellite data record (SDR, Level 1b).  Level 3 mapped and binned products are also available.  Near real time data are available from Suomi NPP and from NOAA-20 platforms.