Advanced Clear Sky Processing for Oceans (Processing system for NOAA Sea Surface Temperature products)

NOAA CoastWatch co-gridded VIIRS SST from ACSPO

sst_sectors_1.png NOAA CoastWatch co-gridded VIIRS SST products are Level 3 daily composites in compatible format and projection with other CoastWatch Level 3 sector and global products (such as CoastWatch sector VIIRS ocean color).  Twenty four CoastWatch sector files mapped to equatorrial projection that cover the globe (see Description tab for sector definitions) two polarstereographic sectors  in 750 m nominal, native resolution and a global, 4 km resolution, single file mapped product is also available. These CoastWatch Level 3 products are generated from ACSPO L2P SST as input.

ACSPO Global SST from ABI

20181013020037_FD_120.png The ABI SST data are produced from GOES-16 and GOES-17 satellite using the NOAA Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Ocean (ACSPO) v2.7x enterprise system. Currently, near-real time (NRT) data are produced at STAR, with a ~2-6 hour latency. A Reanalysis (RAN) dataset for GOES-16 is also available. The data are available in NetCDF4 format, compliant with the GHRSST Data Specifications v2 (GDS2). Currently, the data are archived on PO.DAAC and available at this Coast Watch page as a 2week rotated buffer.



  • NOAA Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Ocean (ACSPO) v2.80 enterprise system
  • AVHRR FRAC SST from Metop-A , -B and -C satellites
  • Near-real time (NRT) L2P and corresponding 0.02° L3U (gridded uncollated), produced by STAR, with ~2 to 6hrs latency, 2 weeks rotated buffer for L2P and the full missions for L3U.
  • Archived at   PO.DAAC