sea surface temperature

NOAA CoastWatch co-gridded VIIRS SST from ACSPO

sst_sectors_1.png NOAA CoastWatch co-gridded VIIRS SST products are Level 3 daily composites in compatible format and projection with other CoastWatch Level 3 sector and global products (such as CoastWatch sector VIIRS ocean color).  Twenty four CoastWatch sector files mapped to equatorrial projection that cover the globe (see Description tab for sector definitions) two polarstereographic sectors  in 750 m nominal, native resolution and a global, 4 km resolution, single file mapped product is also available. These CoastWatch Level 3 products are generated from ACSPO L2P SST as input.

Oceanic Heat Content, Mixed Layer Depth and Depths of 20°C and 26°C Isotherms

ohc_naQG3_2020_130_0.png Oceanic Heat Content (OHC) is the measure of the integrated vertical temperature from the sea surface to the depth of the 26°C isotherm and computed from the altimeter-derived isotherm depths in the upper ocean relative to 20°C.  Global 0.25 degree grids are generated daily for OHC, mixed layer depth and depths of 20°C and 26°C isotherms for 3 ocean basins:  North Atlantic, North Pacific and South Pacific