Data Quality NOTICE: Near Real Time VIIRS SNPP Ocean Color products are severely degraded from 16 February 2018 until further notice.

Dear Users,

Due to a calibration issue affecting the NOAA/IDPS Sensor Data Record (SDR, i.e., L1B) for VIIRS SNPP, the Near Real Time Ocean Color Environmental Data Record (EDR) products from 16 February 2018 until further notice are severely degraded. The VIIRS Ocean Color Science Team (EDR data producer) suggests products "should not be used." The NOAA/JPSS SDR team is investigating the problem. This notice includes NOAA MSL12 Near Real Time products available through CoastWatch as well as through OSPO because both are processed from NOAA/IDPS SDR. We will advise when data quality is restored.

Note that the NOAA MSL12 Science Quality (15 day delayed mode) Ocean Color EDR products are not affected by this current issue and will be usable as they come online at CoastWatch in a few days. Also, merged and mapped Level 3 Ocean Color products generated at CoastWatch from the Science Quality data will be unaffected.

Please contact the CoastWatch help desk if you have questions. Thank you for using NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch data.