Distribution of ocean color data (Level-2 near real-time)  granules from VIIRS SNPP has been restored.  Use the access links or search pages listed in the product description page to review the various methods to access these data.  In addition,  ocean color products are now available from the VIIRS instrument aboard the NOAA-20 spacecraft.  These products are processed with NOAA MSL12 (similarly to VIIRS S-NPP data) and available in the grouped NetCDF product format.  The access links for these newly available datasets are listed in the  product description page.

NOAA STAR Ocean Color team has also been working on a blended VIIRS (S-NPP plus NOAA-20) daily global chlorophyll and downwelling attenuation coefficient (Kd(490)) dataset.  This product will be available in April 2019.  The complementary orbits of S-NPP and NOAA-20 result in more coverage as illustrated in the image below using snapshots from OCView.

Image illustrating the enhanced coverage by combining observations from S-NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS instruments