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July 2017


Dear CoastWatch VIIRS Ocean Color User,

Good news! The NOAA VIIRS Science Quality Ocean Color Level 2 Environmental Data Record products have been improved. Currently, CoastWatch is replacing the entire mission-long dataset with the new dataset from MSL12 v1.21 reprocessing. The new dataset will be available August 9,2017. Please check back soon to access full mission, MLS12 v1.21 VIIRS ocean color products.

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Level-2 and Level-3 OLCI datasets are now available.

NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch is now distributing Sentinel-3 OLCI Level-2 and Level-3 ocean color datasets. Data is provided courtesy of EUMETSAT as part of the Copernicus Program. NOAA CoastWatch will be increasing product coverage over the next month.

For more information, please refer to our OLCI near real-time product page.

Level-3 daily sea level anomaly datasets are now available.

NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch is now distributing daily Level-3 sea level anomaly datasets produced by the NOAA Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry. The datasets are produced globally with near-real time data from a constellation of radar altimeter missions.

Click here for more information:

Reanalysis products for ACSPO SST are now available for VIIRS (Level-2P and Level-3U) and AVHRR (Level-2P).

Sea Surface Temperature products for VIIRS and AVHRR have been reanalyzed by NOAA’s Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO) using NOAA’s enterprise algorithm.

The VIIRS reanalysis is available at Level-2P and Level-3U and the AVHRR is reanalysis is available at Level-2P.

Click here for more information about the VIIRS reanalysis:

Click here for more information about the AVHRR reanalysis:

March 2017

Level-1B OLCI-Sentinel-3A data now available.

NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch is currently distributing near-real time Level-1B full resolution global ocean data from OLCI-Sentinel-3A Copernicus mission in support of operational oceanography.

True color image True color image produced today (15 February 2017) by NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch from OLCI-Sentinel-3A data.

As of July 7, 2017 EUMETSAT OLCI Level 2 ocean color data products are released. Products are available through CoastWatch/OceanWatch. In accordance with a Technical Arrangement with EUMETSAT, NOAA is the primary provider of Sentinel-3 marine data for the US. OLCI data can be accessed through CoastWatch/OceanWatch using the granule selector tool.

From this tool, users can select granules of regions and dates of interest and view and download PNG true color images or download data files in either EUMETSAT TAR or CoastWatch HDF data formats. Multiple files can be downloaded at one time by selecting each granule of interest and clicking the "+" to add file names to the data cart, then automatically generate a list of those files to use in a download script (e.g., wget, etc.).

Granule Selector Tool Screen shot of granule selector tool with data cart populated with 4 files.

June 2016

S-NPP VIIRS Life-of-Mission Science Quality Level-2 Ocean Color products are available.

Click here for more information: VIIRS Science Quality L2 Skip Navigation

February 2016

Version 3.3.2 of the CoastWatch Utilities CoastWatch Data Analysis Tool (CDAT) is now available.

Click here for more information: Software & Utilities

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