Key Description
Platform/Sensor DMSP / SSM/I
Measurement/Products Wind (Magnitude)
DOI n/a
Short Name n/a
Sample Filename SSMI1630004as_WW.hdf
Dataset Type n/a
Processing Level 3
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Near real-time + 3 days
Resolution 0.33 deg (37km)
Projection Geographic / WGS84
Latency Near real-time
Swath Width ~1500km
Sample Frequency n/a
Temporal Repeat n/a
Orbital Period 101.8 min
Orbit polar, near-circular, altitude ~851km, inclination 98.9 deg,
Data Provider Creator: NOAA OSPO
Release Place: Suitland, MD, USA
Keywords NOAA, DOD, SSM/I, wind magnitude, CoastWatch
Formats PNG, TIFF, HDF

Data Access

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