Dale Robinson, PhD

Job Title
West Coast Operations and Deputy PolarWatch Node Manager
NOAA Affiliate for Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Node - PolarWatch
Node - West Coast
Photo of Dale Robinson

Dale Robinson is the Operations Manager for the CoastWatch West Coast Node (WCN). In this role, he works with local stakeholders and engagement partners to develop and distribute value-added satellite products that are designed for use in the operational and research activities of NOAA and the entire CoastWatch community. To further support operational and research activities, he works directly with engagement partners to give them the advice, tools, and training needed to make it easy for users to discover, access and use valuable NOAA satellite products for their ocean applications. He is also the Deputy Node Manager for NOAA PolarWatch, where he manages the local operations of the PolarWatch Node and helps to leverage the infrastructure and resources of the CoastWatch program to support PolarWatch operations.  He is a biological oceanographer with a background in phytoplankton ecology, phytoplankton photophysiology, and ocean optics. He has held research positions at San Francisco State University, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. He received his PhD in Biology from the University of Southern California