Gustavo Goni, PhD

Job Title
Gulf of Mexico / Caribbean and Atlantic OceanWatch Node Manager
Physical Oceanography Division at NOAA/AOML
Node - Gulf of Mexico / Caribbean / Atlantic OceanWatch
Photo of Gustavo Goni

Dr. Gustavo Goni is the Node Manager for the Atlantic OceanWatch and Gulf and Caribbean Node.  He is also a director of the Physical Oceanography Division at NOAA/AOML.  Dr. Goni manages the NOAA eXpendable BathyThermograph (XBT) Program, which is a component of an international effort to design, implement, and maintain a global network of XBT transects. Dr. Goni is the Chairman of the WMO/IOC Ship of Opportunity Program, which main objective is to fulfill upper ocean observational requirements as established by GCOS and GOOS.  One of Dr. Goni's main areas of research is the investigation of the variability of boundary currents using combined hydrographic and satellite data analysis. At larger spatial scales, Dr. Goni is involved in assessing changes in the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the South Atlantic using satellite altimetry data and observations from the global ocean observing system, such as Argo floats, CTDs, XBTs, surface drifters, etc.