Heng Gu, MS

Job Title
CoastWatch Central Contract Team Manager
Riva Solutions, Inc. for NOAA CoastWatch
Central Operations
Photo of Heng Gu

Heng Gu has been supporting NOAA CoastWatch program since 1997, and served as Central Contract Team Manager since 2008. Gu leads the CoastWatch Central Contract Team to generate and distribute satellite ocean products to NOAA internal and public users. His first job with NOAA was supporting the ADEOS mission, right after the launch of ADEOS I Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner (OCTS) by NASDA (National Space Development Agency of Japan) in 1996. Gu's first assignment was to write a C code to convert 10 bit OCTS raw sensor data to 16 bit integer and output to Level 0 files. One year later, ADEOS I was decommissioned after the satellite sustained structural damage to the solar panel array, and the team was recruited to support the CoastWatch program.