Merrie Beth Neely, PhD PMP

Job Title
CEOS COAST Program Manager for NOAA CoastWatch
Global Science and Technology for NOAA NESDIS STAR SOCD
Program Management
Research, Applications, & International Relations
Training & Outreach
Photo of Merrie Beth Neely

Dr. Neely serves as GEOAquaWatch Secretariat’s Scientific Coordinator employed as a NOAA-affiliate contractor through Global Science and Technology, Inc. working for NOAA’s Satellite Oceanography and Climatology Division.   She is a certified program manager, phytoplankton ecologist, and oceanographer holding advanced degrees from University of Tampa and University of South Florida.  With a background in harmful algal blooms and coastal, estuarine, and riverine water quality monitoring; she brings considerable knowledge of field sampling and laboratory analysis experience; including sensor operation and maintenance, managing big data, biological and nutrient water quality laboratory and observatory management, and interdisciplinary research program leadership.