Rebecca Trinh, PhD

Job Title
Research Scientist
Global Science & Technology, Inc.
Research, Applications, & International Relations
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Dr. Trinh is a member of the NOAA CoastWatch Applications Team, focusing on climate, “blue carbon”, and ecosystem applications. Rebecca recently completed her PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) where she worked on assessing microbial community structure and the impact of marine bacteria on ocean carbon and biogeochemical cycles.  Her field work took her to Antarctica for three seasons.  She supported her research through an NSF graduate fellowship.  Preceding her PhD, Rebecca took MA and MPhil degrees also at Columbia, LDEO and took her BA from UC Berkeley where she focused on marine invertebrate biology, ecology and geochemistry.  In between her academic tenures, Rebecca collaborated with NASA JPL through the NASA DEVELOP program on research to use satellite data to detect and monitor stormwater plumes.  Work at a conservation non-profit and an aquarium rounds out her experiences in research, user engagement, and outreach.