Songzhi Liu, MA

Job Title
Great Lakes Node Operations Manager
NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Node - Great Lakes
Photo of Songzhi Liu

Songzhi Liu is the operations Manager at CoastWatch Great Lakes Node. He has been working on satellite data for over two decades. His work is mainly focused on how to transform satellite data into daily usage. To achieve this goal, he developed multiple operational programs to receive, process, analyze, and archive the Great Lakes satellite data. He worked with many collogues and researchers to generate the Great Lakes regional mapping products from remotely sensed data. He designed and developed the CoastWatch Great Lakes Node website to provide near real time environmental information to support a wide range of data users including federal and state decision makers, National Weather Service, US Coast Guard, environmental researchers, shipping, and the fishery industry. While continuing to develop new Great Lakes regional products, Songzhi’s future attention is also to provide more trainings and tutorial materials to help users to better understand and utilize the products.  Mr. Liu was awarded a B.S. in Engineering from Henan Polytechnic University and his M.A. degree in Computer Science from Eastern Michigan University.