New Arctic 1km Synthetic Aperture Radar Composite

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Satellite image of synthetic aperture radar product

The NOAA STAR (Center for Satellite Applications and Research) Water Surface Conditions/Sea Surface RoughnessTeam has developed an arctic normalized radar cross section (NRCS) daily composite from multiple spacecraft synthetic aperture radar (SAR) instruments at 1km resolution. 

A composite for typical day contains around 200-400 individual scenes gathered from several C-Band SAR systems, including Sentinel-1A/B, RADARSAT-2, and RADARSAT Constellation Mission, which are calibrated with values given by the SAR data provider and are then projected and resampled onto a 1km polar stereographic grid. The files are produced in SAROPS (SAR Operational Product System) by the group within the NOAA STAR Satellite Oceanography and Climatology Division and distributed in image and NetCDF formats by CoastWatch.  See the data product page for more information on this product.