S-NPP/VIIRS instrument in safe-mode

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The SNPP spacecraft entered a non-nominal state at ~16:24:49 UTC on July 26, 2022, after which all SMD and telemetry data was inaccessible. While the root cause continues to be investigated, subsequent contacts have confirmed the spacecraft and all instruments are currently in a safe mode state. Engineering will continue to restore all instruments and science data to an operational state once a plan forward has been determined. All missed data will not be recoverable. The NOAA-20 spacecraft will continue to provide all the primary JPSS science data needs. See https://www.ospo.noaa.gov/Operations/messages.html for additional information/updates.

Data missed during this period will not be recoverable.

S-NPP VIIRS data are used in many CoastWatch products.  Products affected include ocean color, sea surface temperature, and ice.  Note,  Level-4 analyses such as the ocean color DINEOF and geo-polar Blended SST may show changes in quality due to missing inputs from S-NPP VIIRS.