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Dataset Title:  Chlorophyll, NOAA S-NPP VIIRS, Science Quality, U.S. East Coast 750m, Level 3,
2012-present, Annual
Institution:  NOAA NESDIS CoastWatch East Coast Node   (Dataset ID: noaacwecnNPPVIIRSSQchlaEastCoastAnnual)
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[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]Parent Directory--
[BIN]VRSRCW_2012001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3026836404
[BIN]VRSRCW_2016001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3126838580
[BIN]VRSRCW_2018001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3126851629
[BIN]VRSRCW_2020001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3226861406
[BIN]VRSRCW_2014001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3126874112
[BIN]VRSRCW_2015001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3126878494
[BIN]VRSRCW_2017001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3126879776
[BIN]VRSRCW_2021001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc22-Feb-2022 22:0626887145
[BIN]VRSRCW_2013001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3026934054
[BIN]VRSRCW_2022001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc07-Feb-2023 16:1726940225
[BIN]VRSRCW_2019001_ANNUAL_SNPP_CHLORA_EC_750M.nc04-Jun-2021 15:3226945748

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