Juvenile Salmon Shark Habitat Use Research

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Underwater photo of a salmon shark
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Salmon sharks are apex predators found in the North Pacific. Juvenile salmon sharks are known to utilize nursery areas in the North Pacific Transition Zone and the California Current System.

Underwater photo of a salmon shark
Salmon shark image courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


Standings of small juvenile salmon sharks have been reported between British Columbia, Canada and northern Baja California. A recent study used CoastWatch sea surface temperature data from the west coast regional node to explore the link between salmon shark strandings and water temperature. The study found that the probability of shark strandings was greatest when sharks were exposed to acute cold-water coastal upwelling events.

Longitude-based time series displaying sea surface temperature along-side salmon shark stranding events
Salmon shark strandings in the California current overlaid on CoastWatch blended 8 day sea surface temperature. Source: Carlisle et al., 2015.


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