Data unavailability update

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Most data streams and services have been restored.  S-3A/B Level-2 OLCI data are still undergoing consolidation.  Broken links may appear for retrospective data during this transition.  Contact if you need assistance in locating data. 

Our VIIRS ACSPO v 2.80 daily sector composites and global co-gridded products are not using all available granules.  Data gaps may be present and we are working to restore these products.  If you need alternative data sources,  contact

Prior update:

----May 26 2022-------

We are experiencing processing and distribution issues.  The following datasets are affected:

  • Ocean Color OLCI
  • Metop ASCAT Winds

Services distributing these data:

  • Data Portal
  • Anonymous FTP

We are working to resolve these issues. At this time,  we do not have an estimated time/date of a return to service.