New version of CoastWatch Utilities released (v3.7.1 b1230)

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Version 3.7.1 b1230 of the CoastWatch Utilities has been released.  Updates include:

  • The user interface in CDAT was updated to better handle display scaling on Windows and Linux. This involved updating the user interface toolkit which now has a more uniform look across different platforms. 
  • The Java VM was updated to 17.0.2 on all platforms (Linux, Windows, and Mac) for bug fixes and security patches. 
  • The Java code documentation was updated for the latest Java virtual machine Javadoc tool. 
  • The User’s Guide and in-application help was updated to reflect the latest software updates. 
  • The CDAT file chooser was reorganized for easier data file selection. Now when opening a file, long variable names and units have more room for display. 
  • The CDAT file information window was enhanced to show more complete file contents. It also includes a new tab with the ability to search for text in metadata names and values. 
  • The cwcomposite, cwmath, and cwregister2 tools have new command line options --threads and --serial to control the amount of multithreading used for data processing. 
  • The render tool has a new hybrid rendering mode to combine color enhancements with composite color images. For hybrid mode rendering, the --composite and --enhance options are no longer mutually exclusive, and a new --hybridmask option specifies transparent pixel areas. 
  • A new standardized NOAA logo is now included as the default for plot legends. The new logo uses the official NOAA colors.
  • Various command line tools were updated for better info/verbose logging and for clearer and shorter error messages.
  • The cwdownload and cwstatus tools were deprecated and removed. These tools have been replaced with various methods of downloading data from the CoastWatch node websites such as THREDDS, ERDDAP, HTTP, FTP, etc.

See the CoastWatch Utilities page for more details and to obtain this new release.