2022 Status of U.S. Marine and Great Lakes Ecosystems Released

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The Ecosystem Indicator Working Group (EIWG) has released an update of the National Marine Ecosystem Status website, which provides easy access to NOAA’s wide range of important coastal and marine ecosystem data. The website provides a holistic view of important ecosystem data and has been newly expanded to the Great Lakes in 2022. New indicators such as the number of days an ecosystem experiences a marine heatwave and changes in the distribution of species have also been added. More information can be found in this NCEI article.

NOAA CoastWatch team member, Dr. Melanie Abecassis, led the development of the update to the chlorophyll and sea surface temperature indicators, which use satellite data. Dr. Abecassis is a Cooperative Institute affiliate at University of Marylnad, CISESS and EIWG member.