GeoXO Town Hall at the Ocean Sciences Meeting on Feb 20

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CoastWatch personnel and our colleagues will be active participants at the upcoming 2024 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans this February. The townhall detailed below is of particular note for attendees:


TH23E - GeoXO Ocean Color Instrument (OCX): A Paradigm Shift for Ocean Color

Tuesday, 20 February 2024

12:45 – 13:45 CST

Hall C-1, First Floor (NOLACC)


The next generation of NOAA geostationary weather satellites (GeoXO) will be equipped with two hyperspectral, moderate resolution (300-m) ocean color sensors (OCX) covering the U.S. Economic Exclusive Zone and Great Lakes. These high quality, hourly images from geostationary ocean color represent a leap in oceanographic capability for the United States, enabling us to conceptualize near-real time information about coastal ecosystems, similar to what we receive in the form of weather forecasts. The technological advancements from OCX will combine a balance of high temporal-spatial-spectral resolutions to work towards a gap-free time series of the concentrations, types, fluxes, trajectories, and natural variabilities of living and non-living materials between the land-sea interfaces.


Goals: In this interactive town hall session, we seek to disseminate details of the “ocean” side of GeoXO, from technical instrument specifications to mission updates and user engagement activities. We look to a mixed audience of stakeholders and researchers for dynamic and ongoing feedback on how GeoXO can best serve the needs of our coastal science and the communities it impacts. A panel of project scientists will be available to receive feedback from the community on applications, institutional knowledge gaps, expectations, desired products, and more.



Ryan Vandermeulen

Michelle Tomlinson

Amir Ibrahim

Jonathan Sherman

Monica Cook