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Sea Surface Temperature

The AHI SST data are produced from Himawari-9 (Himawari-8 before 2022-Dec-13) geostationary satellite using the NOAA Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Ocean (ACSPO) v2.90 enterprise system,(ACSPO v2.70 was used for Himawari-8). Currently, only near-real time (NRT) data are produced at STAR, with a 2-6 hour latency (typically closer to 2 hours). The data are available in NetCDF4 format, compliant with the GHRSST Data Specifications v2 (GDS2). The data for Himawari-8  was archived with PO.DAAC with start date 2019-Oct-16 and end date 2022-Dec-13. The  PO.DAAC archival of the Himawari-9 will start soon. The data is also available at this Coast Watch page as a 2week rotated buffer. There is a plan to reprocess the AHI data, for the full Himawari-8 and -9 missions.